Rugby & Pints: A Long Weekend in Edinburgh

This past weekend I got to spend a lovely few days in one of my favourite European cities, Edinburgh. This was my second time there, the first time having travelled there with my family when they visited me on exchange. This time I went with my boyfriend, who surprised me a couple months ago with… Continue reading Rugby & Pints: A Long Weekend in Edinburgh

Registering with Immigration – Round 2

My second time registering with Immigration was for the Master’s program I’m completing, so the process was slightly different from when I was on exchange. I’ve outlined the differences below, as well as my experience going through the process. If you’re looking for further details and information about registering with Immigration and the purpose, check… Continue reading Registering with Immigration – Round 2

Registering with Immigration – Round 1

Registering with immigration … ahh what a glorious time. I’ve done this twice now, and the most recent time was worse than the first. When travelling to Ireland and planning to remain in the country longer than 90 days, you are required to register with the local immigration authority who will issue you with a… Continue reading Registering with Immigration – Round 1

Post-Grad in Ireland

Well, I’ve been back in Ireland for about 6 weeks now, and it has been a whirlwind so far! Early in the year I decided to apply to complete a Master’s degree at the school I went on exchange to, University College Cork. In March I was offered a conditional acceptance into the program (yay!)… Continue reading Post-Grad in Ireland

Study Abroad- The Preparation

So, in my last post I wrote about my decision to go to University College Cork in Ireland for exchange. Now for the more technical stuff about my application and preparation to go. I mentioned before that I applied to go on exchange on February 1st of 2014, but didn’t actually go until January 2015; that leads a lot of… Continue reading Study Abroad- The Preparation

Study Abroad- Why Cork, Ireland?

As soon as I started at Concordia University and learned about the exchange program, I knew it was something I had to do. I’d been wanting to travel so badly, and exchange seemed like the perfect way for me to do it. Going on exchange made travelling feasible for me; I was still paying tuition to… Continue reading Study Abroad- Why Cork, Ireland?

Sleepless Adventures in London … part 3

After what felt like a brief nap, 9:47 am came way way too early. The alarm went off and we gathered our things while still half-asleep and shoved them into our backpacks. Stumbling to reception to give them our room keys, we then went back to the common area to attempt to organize ourselves. After… Continue reading Sleepless Adventures in London … part 3

Sleepless Adventures in London … part 2

We started Friday off by taking the tube into the city to Piccadilly fountain, where we were planning on taking a walking tour. When looking for the guide/group, we saw a bit of a rough looking fellow walking around with only one other person interested in taking the tour. We were a bit concerned with… Continue reading Sleepless Adventures in London … part 2

Sleepless Adventures in London … part 1

  Ahh London … what good times. I really enjoyed my 3 days in London, even though the pound makes it expensive AF. While I was studying abroad in Ireland, my bestie came over from Canada for 2 weeks to do a backpacking trip with me. We certainly had the time of our lives on… Continue reading Sleepless Adventures in London … part 1

Biking Inis Mor

A few weeks ago the bf and I spent some time touring the West Coast of Ireland. We were pretty excited because we were going to finally get to the Aran Islands; Inis Mor, to be exact. Inis Mor is the largest island of the three, with a host of interesting spots to see. Most of… Continue reading Biking Inis Mor

6 Packing Tips For Your Trip

When you’re going on a trip, whether its for a long weekend or a month, what you pack and how you pack is essential. I always use Ryanair and cheap airlines if I’m flying, which are great for travellers on a shoe string; the thing to remember though, is that generally you can only bring a… Continue reading 6 Packing Tips For Your Trip

One time, I moved to Ireland for 6 months

Yup. I decided I wanted to go on an exchange for a semester during my fourth year of University (I was doing 5 years), and after talking to other people and actually meeting someone from the school I was looking to go to in Ireland, I lucked out and got my first choice school for exchange:… Continue reading One time, I moved to Ireland for 6 months